Work @ Rhubarb

Rhubarb Foods Co-op is an exciting project that will become an organic wholefood store in the Eastern Suburbs. We have just had our first AGM and it’s clear that is a lot of creative and industrious energy in the fold. A warm and welcoming feast greeted in our new and dynamic constellation of board members.

Right now our members stay connected and informed with our latest prospects as well as our news, events and classified ads through our myriad of social media.

We are a constantly growing and expanding community. Always looking for enthusiastic, energetic and talented individuals and families with initiative. People who are keen to volunteer, learn and help us to continue to grow. You can best support us by becoming a member, getting the word out, doing what you love to do within our target goals. There are many and varied tasks and roles to undertake at any point in time.

Are you a member yet? How would you like to be actively involved?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.