Are you a Rhubarb member yet?

Welcome! Rhubarb Food is a non-trading co-operative, incorporated on the 8th of December 2009. The co-op aims to establish a retail outlet providing organic natural foods, groceries and household produce.

Organic produce is the fastest growing food sector in the world with 6 in every 10 people in Australia buying organic occasionally.

Key consumer drivers for this phenomenal growth include:

  • Health concerns
  • A desire for natural products
  • Environmental concerns
  • Political values
  • Sustainable awareness

We have a passionate and skilled team of directors and volunteers committed to the establishment and success of the co-op. With systems in place we operate out of Barrett House, Randwick.

Rhubarb is looking for individual and business groups interested in making financial contributions. Whether in the form of loans or donations, we estimate a cost of $160,000 will be required to finance establishing costs, including 10 months trading, and working capital requirements. Your investment acknowledges a venture with progressive business and social networks within Sydney’s east; and will include free membership, plus 25% discount for any donation over $1000.

Rhubarb will enhance the local community as a retail outlet that provides a not-for-profit business model.

  • Competitively priced natural organic foods.
  • Goods and produce sourced from local growers and fair trade suppliers.
  • Bulk food options offering shopper choice, while reducing costs and waste.
  • A vehicle for educating people in the enjoyment and benefits of natural foods and sustainable living options such as minimal packaging, carbon footprint reduction and recycling

The suitable site will satisfy the following criteria:

  • A large open shop front with adjoining rooms for administration and storage of food.
  • Good public transport, parking and bicycle access.
  • An outdoor garden environment for community activities including composting, planting and recycling.
  • It will have a modern, welcoming feel so it will be accessible to all walks of life.