Become a member

To join Rhubarb, you must be available to collect your order in person from Barrett House in Randwick on the Thursday divvy day, and commit to a volunteer shift on Thursdays, each time you order. 

Joining Rhubarb Food Co-op means becoming part of our community. We are a co-op and not a shop, so everything is based upon the volunteer efforts of our members, from the ordering, to the divvy, to the cleaning of Barret House, and absolutely everything inbetween.

We have a team of five Directors, who are voted in annually by members at the AGM, and they look after the larger picture of running the co-op.

Everything else happens each Thursday and only on Thursday, at Barrett House. The produce arrives at Barrett House, and is unpacked, organised, weighed, and divvied by two teams – one lunch and one evening team.

You can volunteer as part of the lunch team if you’re available during the day from 12pm-2pm, or you can join the evening team if later suits you better, from 5pm-7pm. You collect your order once your shift is done.

We invite you to try us out for one order before becoming a member and paying the annual fee of $30. This is your opportunity to meet everyone, see how it all works and if it will work for you, and try the fantastic produce.

If you would like to become a Rhubarb Food Co-op member you can use our online shop to register.