Where do you operate?

We work out of Barrett House, which is a model sustainable house, co-owned by Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils. It’s at 6 Barrett Place, Randwick, on Gadigal and Bidjigal land.



How do I order?

Log into our online shop, volunteer for a job, and place an order. Add items to your list. You can order a mixed box of fruit and veg, additional items such as bunches of greens and extra kilos of fruit, as well as choosing from a large range of dry goods and eco skincare. The shop will take you to Paypal to pay. Once your payment is made, you need to press one last button on the Rhubarb shop to confirm your order.

When can I order?

The shop opens at noon on Sundays, and closes at 10pm on Tuesday night, when our buyers place orders with local farms.

I missed the cut off time, can I still order?
Sorry, but no.

Can I pay cash on the night?
No. All payments are made via PayPal and the online shop.

Do I have to be a member to order?

No. You are welcome to try us out a couple of times before the system prompts you for membership.

How do I join?

When you go to do your third order, the shop’s system will prompt you to pay the annual membership fee.

Do I have to volunteer?

Yes! We’re a community organisation, and we run on the work of volunteers. As a newbie, you can try us out twice, without volunteering. Once you join, you must volunteer to place an order.

Can I change my mind and decide not to take an item?

Unfortunately not. We use a system where members prepay for their orders, and then the Rhubarb ordering team buys exactly what has been ordered. We can’t return a piece of fruit or bunch of greens to the supplier. We encourage you to chat to fellow members if you find yourself with more than you need. Someone might be happy to buy it from you.

What happens if I forget an item?

It’s your own responsibility to ensure that you take home everything you’ve paid for – no more and no less! Watch out for items ordered in multiples, it’s easy to miss the second bag of something. Please bring your order list, either on your phone or as a print out, and ensure that you have everything.

What happens if I forget to bring my jar and can’t take home my olive oil or maple?

You might be able to find a spare jar in one of the cupboards. If not, it’s no problem, but you must highlight the items you’re not taking on the list so that we know you need a refund.

What happens if I think the quality of an item is not up to scratch?

The volunteers on duty try to catch any bad items before they get to your box. Keep in mind that organic produce doesn’t look as perfect as the conventionally-farmed stuff in the supermarkets. If something slips through, and your greens are unacceptably wilted, your tomatoes mouldy or your pears squishy, you need to send a photo of the items affected to us on Thursday night. The midnight Thu (12am Friday) deadline is necessary to ensure that we can claim the refund from the supplier. Email directors@rhubarbfood.org.au



How much is the annual membership fee?

$30. As a gesture of thanks for their many hours of work, directors are exempt from paying the fee.

Why do you charge a membership fee?

The money raised goes towards running costs such as equipment, insurance and accounting fees.

What’s required of me, as a member?

Our organisation is only as strong as its members. We pride ourselves on our warm, friendly community of people who care deeply about living sustainably and being healthy. We require all members to show respect for each other and the organisation by showing up on time to shifts and treating each other with kindness. We also require every member to work a minimum of 25 hours per year.

Do I have to attend members’ meetings?

No, but make us happy! We love having lots of people at meetings, and encourage members to attend. We provide tasty snacks, and you offer your ideas on and help with making decisions for our co-op.


Where do you source your produce?

At Rhubarb, we’re doing our best to work with local farms. This is a work in progress. At present, we buy eggs from Taluca Park and salad and some veg from Living Earth Farm. Both of these are small, family run enterprises in the Southern Highlands of NSW, looking after the land with regenerative agriculture practices. We also buy mushrooms directly from Neverfarm, an uncertified organic start up in Sydney. We hope to foster relationships with more local farms in the future. The rest of fresh produce comes to us via an excellent organic wholesaler. We’re grateful for the wide range of fruit and vegetables we can access this way, and try to prioritise local produce when we’re ordering. That said, the bulk of Australia’s organic food is grown on large-scale farms in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, and trucked hundreds of kilometres. It’s a big problem.

Is your produce organic?

The majority of the produce we sell is certified organic. A few items, such as our wonderful quality eggs, are not certified, but have been selected for their other values. The eggs, for example, are produced under the highest ethical standards, with no chemical inputs or pesticides on the fields, on a local farm (90min from Sydney) which utilises regenerative practices.

How do you choose what goes in a mixed box?

We try to select the fruit and veg which are at their seasonal peak. The mixed boxes are built around staples, although sometimes we pop in an unusual ingredient just for fun. We rotate the selections so that you don’t have the same items every week, for example, we alternate white and sweet potatoes. Boxes usually contain a few veg that are good raw and in salads, a few that are great cooked, a leafy green or two, and a selection of seasonal fruit. We try to pack good quantities for using in recipes, like 2 heads of broccoli or 1 kilo of potatoes. There are loads of gorgeous previous mixed boxes on our Instagram feed, @rhubarbfoodcoop.