Q: I couldn’t find anywhere else to send along this info so hope this is the right spot!
All email correspondence goes to info@rhubarbfood.org.au

Q:  Are we supposed to pay the Handling Fee for each order?
No. As Rhubarb is a Co-op, the strength of the co-op is through the input of its members. Volunteer to help and you won’t need to incur a handling fee.

Q: I missed the cut of time, can I still order ?
The system starts processing the orders, so after midnight Tuesday, unfortunately you are unable to order.

Q: Do I bring my own containers for things like honey, nuts, seeds, etc?
The dry goods are weighed and put into paper bags, so all you will need to bring is a basket/ bag for the fruit and veggies, and containers for wet goods that you can dispense. E.g. honey and oil. Depending on the quantity you have ordered this is the size you will need to bring. A usual liquid order is 500mls.

Q: What kind of container should I bring?
If you have ordered liquid like oil or honey then you will need to be bring a container to dispense it in e.g. 500ml glass or plastic jar.

Q: I can’t come pick up my order, what can I do ?
You can contact one of the organisers or send a message to info@rhubarbfood.org.au or the Rhubarb Food Co-op Facebook group, to arrange a place it can be stored so you can pick it up later.

Q: Can I pay cash on the night?
No. All payments are made upfront when you order online.

Q: I also have lots of egg cartons that I have been saving for you.
Great! All egg cartons are welcome and we can store them at Barrett house.

Q: Can I ask what’s in my box?
As the mixed box contains a large amount of seasonal produce, we won’t know until the day the fruit and veggies have been delivered.

Q: Can I ask for a specific order?
You are welcome to email your request for the week and the member responsible for the orders may take it into account.

Q: Do you deliver ?
No we don’t deliver. You have a choice of picking up your food on Thursdays either

  1. As a volunteer during the lunchtime divvy which starts at 12.30pm and usually finishes by 1.30pm  or
  2. During the main Evening Divvy which starts at 5.00pm and closes at 6:30pm.

However some volunteers could offer to deliver to people in need.

Q: What’s expected of me as a member ?
A member pays an annual fee of $30 and contributes when ordering by either volunteering for certain tasks or paying a handling fee.

Q: What’s the latest that I can come on a Thursday evening to pick up my box?
The latest is 6.30pm as we are hoping to be packed up by then.

Q: Is my food and liquid pre-packed?
For orders of liquid like oil, vinegar or honey, you will need to be bring a container to dispense it in e.g. 500ml glass or plastic jar.

For eggs, bring a carton, for vegetables, bring a bag or basket.

Q: Can I come to the monthly meeting ?
All are welcome to come to the meetings and participate.

Q: I wasn’t able to collect some items in the last order I placed, due to me not bringing containers. I would like a credit as I no longer need this but would like to place orders in the future.
The system processes orders on a weekly basis, meaning you need to order in the same week that you pick up your goods. If you have uncollected items, you will receive a credit to your account at the online shop. The credit will be automatically deducted from your next purchase order.

Q: What is a handling fee ?
It’s a fee we are charging to cover the costs of managing the co-op and providing the services. It’s an alternative to volunteering, only necessary to pay if you are not volunteering. It is currently the maximum of $12 or 20% of your total order.