2016 AGM Minutes and Financial Report

The Rhubarb Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at Barrett House last month (October)!

We had a fantastic turnout with members, old and new, gathering to review the past 12 months for the Co-op as well as understanding the goals and objectives in store for the next 12 months.

If you missed out on attending the meeting, or just wanted to know what’s been happening with the Co-op, you can access the Rhubarb Food Co-op 2016 AGM minutes here.

The Rhubarb 2015-2016 Financial Report is also available to view.

Updates from the Rhubarb meetings

Hi Everyone,

Here are the meeting minutes from August (approved) and draft minutes from September (for approval at the meeting this Saturday, 17 October). If you are interested to know what’s going on, have a look, or, better still, come along to the meeting tomorrow at 8am.

See you there!



2015.09.19 Rhubarb Meeting Minutes

2015.08 Rhubarb Monthly Meeting minutes


Rhubarb minutes Jan – Jun 2015

Hi Everyone,
Time has passed so quickly! A couple of people have requested meeting minutes, so here they are.

If you want to let us know your availability for the next meeting, so we can schedule it at a time convenient for you, please click on this link


We’ll let you know what time most people could attend at the divvy on Thursday.

See you then!

2014.12.11 Rhubarb Minutes Dec 2014Rhubarb Monthly Meeting 2 May

2015.01.15 Rhubarb Monthly Meeting Minutes

2015.02.25 Rhubarb monthly meeting Minutes

2015.03.31 Rhubarb Monthly Meeting minutes

I’m still chasing down the April minutes 🙂

2015.05.02 Rhubarb Monthly Meeting minutes

2015.06.15 Rhubarb Monthly Meeting minutes