New Rhubarb Online Shop

The new online shop has just launched!

You can see at a glance when the next meeting is, what produce is available to order and then go ahead and place your order. You can also leave us a message along with your order, eg: a suggestion for the vegie box, or just send us some good vibes!

It integrates directly with Rhubarb’s invoicing and ordering system so we don’t have to waste time and energy manually processing orders.

If you are already a Rhubarb member all you need is an account with Facebook, Twitter, Google or Windows Live! and your email and phone number to register.

If you’re not a Rhubarb Member you will have to fill out the online membership application before you can use the online shop.

Any suggestions and feedback welcome.

Weekly Veggie Box

Hi there

Here’s some very exciting news. We’re starting a weekly organic vegie box in the name of Rhubarb Foods Co-op. This is how it will work…
We’ve got the go ahead to use Barrett House in Randwick as our meeting point. YAY!!  Whoever is involved will meet one day a week, at a specified time. Together we divide up all the fruit and veg. Half an hour later, everyone has gone home with their prepaid box of yummy organic produce.
It’s a great way to get the best priced organic produce into the community. There is no cost beyond paying the wholesaler. As a group we get the benefit of a bulk discount.
One person will receive the whole delivery on the day. All members prepay online. The person placing the orders then knows how much produce will be needed, based on how many payments have been made. There’s a minimum delivery order, so we need at least 15, and up to 24 orders a week.  We’re planning to start with a $35 weekly box. This will include organic fruit and vegetables, as well as a grocery item. That might be rice, lentils, flour or a grain – we’re open to suggestion. Our supplier has a broad range to choose from.
Signing up does NOT mean you’re committed to getting a box every week – though of course you can. Some people like a box every second week, and some once a month. As long as we have a minimum of 15 people each week, that’s fine.
We’re thinking of a Thursday evening at this stage, but that is still to be confirmed. If you’re interested, let us know what days suit you best. The day we choose will depend on the needs of the group and the availability of Barrett House.
It’s a pretty quick turn around time, and a great opportunity to connect and network withing the local  community.
Please feel free to spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in joining this box group. We look forward to hearing your interest, comments and suggestions.

Hi Rhubarb Folk

Rhubarb have a stall atBoni Beach farmers market this Saturday. The idea – as always – is to spread the word and grow our numbers. Also to sell a bit of yummy organic produce while we’re at it.

Are you keen to join in? we’d love you to. Contact Damien to let him know, and to get time and place details. or 0438 018 496

Our next meeting at Barrett House will most likely be on Thursday 28th June at 7.30. Once I get final confirmation,I’ll let you know. Come along to catch up and pass a few ideas around.

Hope you’re getting to soak up some of this beautiful vitamin A & D filled winter sunshine.


Hi Rhubarb folk

Eco Expo is coming up really soon. It’s on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of May 2012, 10am – 4pm both days, at the Horden Pavillion in Fox Studios. 

EcoExpo have created tickets and a fundraising coupon in our name. Please feel free to extend this offer to anyone else you think might be interested.

Rhubarb Food Co-op have been invited to have a stand at the expo. It’s a perfect opportunity to tell people our plans in setting up and running Rhubarb Food Co-op. The demographic is just right,  and large numbers of people are expected to attend the event. By networking, we aim to get more people on board. The more people involved, the greater are our chances of being a thriving and successful co-op. 

In order to have a stand at the expo, we need volunteers to be there. It would be great to have at least 2 or 3 people on each shift. We also get a 1/2 hour on both Saturday and Sunday to talk at the speakers forum. 

Are you available to do a shift at the stand? Shifts are either 10 – 1 or 1 – 4. If you’re available for 2 hours, that will help too.

Being a co-op, means this is for all of us. Any support you offer in getting this to happen will go toward the final result and be much appreciated. Don’t be intimidated by thinking you don’t have enough info to offer people. We’ll prepare before hand with some good simple and useful info to chat to people about.

Being there will require that you chat to passers by about the co-op. People might need an explaination as to how a co-op works, what member benefits are, how it benefits the community. We’ll have our flyers on hand as a reference. Also planning to collect people’s names to add to our mailing list and hopefully get some new members on board. 

We’re considering selling something at the stall to attract attention and to raise some funds. Ideas so far include bags of organic mandarins or apples. Possibly some baked goods. What other ideas do you have? It will need to be something simple to handle. 

We have just under a month to organize this. I look forward to hearing from you ASAP with any feedback.


minutes 2011-04-20

20th April 2011
Rhubarb Food Coop
Attending: Rose, Rebecca, Lia, Malcolm
Apologies: Sherri, Iona, Sandra, Irene, Frederic

Chair: Rebecca
TimeKeeper: Rosie
Secretary: Malcolm

item 1. minutes accepted without change

Letter from Alison Lyssa.


Malcolm corresponded with Alison Lyssa during the month. Alison is happy for us to keep her donation and expressed her gratitude for the work we have done to date.

Call for further Items
Malcolm would like to discuss David Shaw’s offer of a garage space in Kensington

Actions from previous month
Malcolm has obtained copies of all relevant legislation, in digital form, for use during meetings. The new projector/screen at Barrett House can be used to allow everyone at the meeting to consult the documents at the same time.

Building the Community

Lia has taken on the job of promoting the co-op in the community. She has started to publish news via FaceBook, put a new face on the web site and she would like to make further changes. Ideas such as a place for donations, a way to join online, and a lot more content.

Lia has started to develop a newsletter for monthly news. It looks great and will be a much more interesting read than the minutes!

Environmental Day – 5th June
Waverley Council will cover the cost of our stall. We are able to put anything onto the stall except hot food. This leaves the way open for all sorts of delicious foods. Seasonal fruits would be a good thing. Rebecca will contact the growers in Wiseman’s Ferry. Malcolm will contact the market sellers to see what will be in season at that time.  We will be offering membership discounts, of course.

Question: does this include hot drinks? It would great to have chai again.

Location, Location, Location
Rose spoke with Michael Mobbs about location. He suggested that we speak to Richard Wilson, Randwick Council. Rose spoke with Richard and with the property officers at both Randwick and Waverley. It appears as there is very little property available, however, we are going to proceed to put our request to the Mayors. We want to raise awareness of our needs. If it is possible to get the Mayors’ attention they may be able to make it happen.

Rose also spoke with several churches as they have properties in the area. We hope to have discussions with them shortly. Again, we want to raise their awareness, the more eyes and ears that are open the better.

David Shaw reminded us that he offered a large garage space last September. Malcolm will call him.

There was also a space in Alexandria, in Riordan St and we need to look at that again.

An aspect in all of this is that we want Rhubarb to start as a fully-fledged shop.

We have created a bank account especially for donations. This will allow us to keep the money streams separate.

Motion: Rebecca has asked Iona to stand aside from her role as a director.
Malcolm is concerned that communication among the directors has broken down. He asked that he have the opportunity to speak with Iona first.
Motion: Malcolm to speak with Iona and ask her to stand aside. Failing that, a special meeting to be called for the Directors to vote on the issue.
Seconded: Rose
Approved unanimously.

Malcolm: what are costs for paypal, 3rd party merchant costs. Contact Markets, what is in season. Call David Shaw.
Rosie: To continue exploring the world of churches. This involves a letter to mayors, malcolm to assist.
Rosie: To clarify Rhubarb’s vision, re startup, in response to recent emails about location

Meeting Closed