Learn to make your own Beeswax Wraps

Learn to use, make and refresh your own beeswax wraps so you can choose your own fabric and make as many as you like easily at home.

Beeswax wraps are a natural, reusable and completely biodegradable alternative to using plastic cling film in your kitchen or lunchbox – and they are beautiful too!

Waterproof yet breathable, beeswax wraps are great at keeping food fresh. Wraps can be used to wrap cheese, cut vegetables, avocados, loaves of bread and much more. They can be moulded to fit over the top of bowls of food in the fridge and are the perfect way to wrap a sandwich.

100% cotton fabric is infused with beeswax and tree resin, and coconut oil, a combination which has antibacterial and antimould properties, and which makes the wraps flexible and able to stick to themselves.

Beeswax wraps also make the perfect gift for family, friends, and best of all for our planet!

Wear an apron or dress with old clothing, bring a bristle brush and a stainless steel grater and come and make your own beeswax wraps!

Tickets are only $35.00* so hurry to book your spot today ($30 for Rhubarb members)

Purchase your tickets here

* Ticket prices include $15 worth of ingredients

This workshop hosted by Rhubarb Food Co-op and is supported by Randwick City Council. The presenter is Kathryn Hutt.

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