Micheal Mobbs Workshop – Saving money on your household bills

Looking for ways to save $$$ on a range of household bills?

Interested in creating a low bills house?

Rhubarb Food Co-Op is thrilled to welcome ‘Off Grid Guy’ Michael Mobbs, Sydney’s ‘sustainability celebrity’, to lead a 3-hour workshop on doing just that!

Since 1996 the combined energy and water bills at Michael’s four person household in Chippendale in the Inner West have been less than $300 a year.

The energy, water, recycled water and food systems there are simple and local trades can install them.

This is an unbeatable opportunity to spend a morning with one of Australia’s leaders in sustainability education, learning how to apply the basic principals he’s developed in your own home, with immediate effect.

When: Saturday 19th August, 9.30am-12.30pm

Where: Barrett House, 6 Barrett Place, Randwick

Cost: $30 ($20 for members)

Purchase your tickets here

Rhubarb’s popular monthly workshops are casual, family-friendly affairs, designed to educate and entertain participants and in doing so, enrich their broader communities.

This workshop is supported by Randwick City Council.

For more info on Michael’s home visit the Sydney’s Sustainable House website at www.sustainablehouse.com.au.

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