Rhubarb Food Co-op is an organic food co-op in Randwick, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. We offer affordable organic produce once per week to members via the power of bulk-buying and excellent relationships with local suppliers, producers and farmers. We are run entirely by the volunteer efforts of members.

Because of COVID-19, the co-op is currently closed. For more information, please email info@rhubarbfood.org.au.

Our community began, like most, with a few inspired individuals improvising and brainstorming to manifest a shared dream.

In our case, it was two friends taking a morning walk around Centennial Park. Rebecca and Rose shared a belief in the ethos of food co-ops and the difference they can make within a community.

Their inspiration became a reality when they formed and registered Rhubarb Food Co-operative with the NSW Department of Fair Trading in December 2009.

Since then, many generous, enthusiastic and talented people have been part of the Rhubarb community, and we are proud to still be thriving, growing, and ever-evolving.

Rhubarb Food Co-op is based in Randwick, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Find us at 6, Barrett Place, Randwick. We operate every Thursday out of Barrett House, which is owned by Randwick and Woollahra Councils.

See Become a Member and FAQs for more details.